Pos. 011 - Software Engineer - Pittsburgh

Via Giacomo Peroni 130, Roma 00131, Italia
07/24/2020 10:45:09 AM



          We are currently need of a

          SW ENGINEER in the Pittsburgh Area


          WE NEED YOU TO:

          • Perform requirements analysis and design verification

          • Verify and prove that the products meet their specifications and are compliant to domain standards

          • Plan, write, and execute test cases

          • Identify, analyze, and track defects over the entire life cycle

          • Make decisions autonomously

          • Meet deadlines 

          • Ensure high quality results


          YOU MUST HAVE:

          • U.S. citizenship or Green Card

          • B.S. in Electronic Engineering or Computer Science

          • Knowledge of programming languages: Python, R, Java, C, PHP Model View Controller (MVC) Frameworks: FuelPHP, Laravel

          • Databases: MongoDB, SQL, Neo4j, MySQL(InnoDB), Oracle, MSSQL Server, Cassandra

          • Information Retrieval: Elasticsearch, Apache Lucene

          • Distributed Computing: PySpark, MLlib, MapReduce, CQL, Scala

          • Tools & Technologies: Weka, Git, TensorFlow, Linux, Apache Spark, Docker, HadoopDistributed File System(HDFS), Google Cloud Dataproc, GoogleCloud SDK, YARN

          • Teamwork and problem-solving skills

          • Excellent communication skills


          Intecs offers two month of training in our italian sites : Naples or Pisa. Sounds interesting? Send us your resume at recruitingusa@intecs.it  today

          Intecs the Brainware company